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Modularity by nature

You can easily implement your software using xaloon plugin api and integrate into xaloon platform. Each plugin may have it's own improved administration panel where you can modify plugin properties. Administration panel may have it's own design or use default one. Module's links are automatically discovered by xaloon platform and inserted into existing menu tree.

Platform for easier web application development

You should focus on development, not in creating an infrastructure. xaloon platform is based on Java EE 6 profile, and provides integration with Apache Wicket, Jboss Infinispan, Apache Shiro and other external components. It also provides some already made components, such as security facade, default user and role management, simple message communication and others. Full list of components is available in components section.

Security by default

Your application should be safe, so we added security support at the beginning. Just annotate your pages with Java EE 6 security annotations and link management will be secured by xaloon platform. We added external authentication support by default, so you can have twitter, facebook, google or linkedin authentication.

Ready made components

We are always trying to add new components to serve your needs. Currently we have external authentication,commenting, user and role management, blog and photo gallery components. We are also having ambitions to add an integration with activiti and add add task and process management for your needs.